Thursday, June 7, 2007


Wednesday afternoon:
knee exercises - straight leg raise, bent hamstring raise, bridging, one-leg squat, clamshell hip flexion, hip hitchers
20 minutes on elliptical

Wednesday night (6/6):

Work up to OHS max
65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 - stopped due to back fatigue (didn't want to overdo it)

2x: 35# waiter carries once around backyard
2x: 35# suitcase carries twice around backyard
6x: alternating suitcase deadlifts 35#


Knees are feeling pretty good this morning. I think lightening up on the stretching and massage has helped a lot. Gonna keep it light and see how it goes. Can't wait for Fruita this weekend and I want to be feeling good!

Lunch workout
30sec pushups (~10 per round)
1:30 row (2:10 pace or faster)
30sec pushups
1:30 KB swings (30#)
30 sec pushups
1:30 jumprope (140, 150, 170)

Good workout! This is one that could be easily modified with different exercises. Thrusters instead of pushups. Add cleans, burpees, etc for high HR portions.

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