Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday - jumprope circuit

I made this up as I went and it ended up being a pretty good workout. I didn't time myself though.

200x jumprope
10 pushups
200x jumprope
20 bicycle crunches
200x jumprope
200x jumprope
30 squats
200x jumprope
10 pushups
200x jumprope
20 bicycle crunches

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Puke Hill...finally

Hike up Neff's with Maddie and Josh. About two hours.

Crest ride, Mill D shuttle. Got Puke Hill.

Lunch workout-
8 rounds of
0:30 pullups
0:30 situps
0:30 pushups
2:30 run

After work:
Jumprope 200x
35# dumbbell waiter carries and suitcase carries
5x each side 20# DB snatches
5x: 65# snatch + 5 OHS

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rowing intervals

I took yesterday off for a couple of reasons. 1) I forgot a workout top at lunch (d'oh) and 2) my back was sore from those power cleans!


Rowing intervals. 30 sec on, 1:00 rest - each 30 sec interval needs to be more meters than the previous. Try for 15 sets.

#meters: 95-102-105-106-109-112-112-116-118-121-124-127-128-131-134

Finished 15 rounds! But compared to the last time I did this, I actually did less work. Hmm...maybe I should push a little harder earlier on next time.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday workout - Power clean 6x5, weighted PU

No workout at lunch yesterday...I was absorbed with work (huh?).

After work:
Warm up - bridging, straight leg lifts, glute leg lifts, side and monster walks with theraband
2 waiter carries each arm with 35#, 5 reps each side #25 DB snatches

Power cleans 6x5 (actually 7)

Weighted pull-ups (1 rep from hang)

L-sits (bent knees) on rings - 3 (about 10-15 sec each)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

It's been a while again. Here's what I've been doing:

17 rounds, 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 8 squats

40-30-20-10 backext/ball crunch

Hike with Maddie up Thaynes to Neff Canyon saddle. Approx three hours and 2300 ft vert.

Downhilling at DV

Crest - Mill D with no shuttle. 16.5 total miles, about 3000 vert. Had to stop twice on puke hill.

Off - knee exercises and light cardio at lunch

Today (this might hurt):
500m row
10 TGUs (25#)
500m row
15 KB swings (35#)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday metcon and Josh the Engineer

Tuesday workout:
500m row
50 thrusters (10# DBs)

My back was really stiff and sore last night after that workout. I think the combination of the heavy squats yesterday and the major lower back hit from the thruster/row combo caught up with me. Today is going to be light cardio/rest day.

Yesterday was day 3 of my summer stats class. Halfway there! Speaking of....yesterday Josh called me just busting with something to say. He told me he's ready to quit his job and go back to school to finish his engineering degree. WHAT?? Hey, I'm not complaining - I think it's so good for him to go back to school. It's very cool to see him so motivated. He was studying Statics last night for god's sake!! Anyhow, I think we may be in for a little bit of a life change if he starts up school with me this fall. Expenses may be a litle tight, but at least we won't have a life! And...if Josh can get a part-time job at or REI, etc, we may get some really good deals on stuff. Exciting!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Fruita is fun! Monday 6x5's

No camera, so no pictures from Fruita. The weekend was just what I needed - quality time with Josh and getting back on my bike! Enid, my PT, is a miracle worker and showed me some taping techniques for my knee. I was totally pain-free for the whole weekend, although our longest ride was maybe 12 miles. Still, it's good to be back riding. Saturday we cranked through Joe's Ridge and Zippedy Do Da before noon. Sunday we hit Mary's Loop over in the Kokopelli area. I only had one casualty - I ate shit on Kessel on our "twilight ride". I guess it's not such a good idea to ride after a couple of beers. Dinner at the Hot Tomato was epic. So much new stuff down there - I can't wait to go back this fall.

Wine tasting in GJ was super fun too! We both really liked Grand River winery. We paid $3.50 each and got to taste all of their wines (about 8). Needless to say, it was a cheap buzz. Plus, the wine was excellent. The guy behind the counter had a great sense of humor and knew a lot about the wines and the winery. We both like the Reserve Merlot the best, but it was a little expensive. We bought ourselves a bottle of Chardonnay and Cab Sav, and got a bottle of Port for the parents. Next we hit Graystone winery, specializing in Ports. We tried both a white and red port that were both outstanding. Lastly we hit the Meadery of the Rockies and got to taste some mead from people who know what they're doing. OMG! Even the straight-up honey mead was to die for. We bought a bottle of the semi-dry "Lancelot" mead and a six-pack of the best honey cider ever. I have to admit, after tasting their mead, I'm pretty impressed with my own batch. Mine's significantly stronger (15%, while the RM cider was about 6%), but is just as smooth. They told us you can schedule tours if you call ahead, so we definitely want to do that next time. There's a lot of wineries we missed (due to drunkeness!) so there's plenty to see the next time we go!

Monday workout:
6x5 Front squat 65-75-85-90-90-90
6x5 Push press 55-65-70-70-75-75
One legged box jump (4 risers) - 3 sets of 10
Bicycle crunches

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Wednesday afternoon:
knee exercises - straight leg raise, bent hamstring raise, bridging, one-leg squat, clamshell hip flexion, hip hitchers
20 minutes on elliptical

Wednesday night (6/6):

Work up to OHS max
65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 - stopped due to back fatigue (didn't want to overdo it)

2x: 35# waiter carries once around backyard
2x: 35# suitcase carries twice around backyard
6x: alternating suitcase deadlifts 35#


Knees are feeling pretty good this morning. I think lightening up on the stretching and massage has helped a lot. Gonna keep it light and see how it goes. Can't wait for Fruita this weekend and I want to be feeling good!

Lunch workout
30sec pushups (~10 per round)
1:30 row (2:10 pace or faster)
30sec pushups
1:30 KB swings (30#)
30 sec pushups
1:30 jumprope (140, 150, 170)

Good workout! This is one that could be easily modified with different exercises. Thrusters instead of pushups. Add cleans, burpees, etc for high HR portions.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fithy fifty - carries

Well, I guess I forgot to post yesterday.

I decided to try out some new stuff. It turned into quite the modge-podge.
Waiter carries with 35#
Suitcase DL to farmer carry 35# DBs
Air squats
3x8 assisted dips
Planks, core stuff

Tuesday (today)
Fithy fifty
Box jumps
Jumping pull-ups (subbed lat pulldown for half)
KB swings (33#)
Walking lunges
Knees to chest
Push press - 45# BB
Back extensions
Thrusters (10# DBs)
Burpees ( 30 reps)
Jump rope (200 singles)

My knees have been really tender this afternoon. Everything was feeling pretty good this morning, so I think my legs are just fatigued. If I feel worse tomorrow, I guess it's time for another rest day.

I've started doing some stuff for my glutes - I read some great stuff at "peak performance" (can't remember the URL).
Straight leg-lifts
Hip hitchers
One leg squats (concentrate on squeezing glute)
Bent leg hamstring raises (again, squeeze glutes)

I've actually got bruises on my thighs from some of the foam roller stuff I've been doing lately. Maybe I should back off a little. :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Weekend workouts

Here's a summary of the weekend:

Friday - 1:30 hike up Neff's with Maddie, lots of housework and gardening (party for Jamie and Kate)

Saturday - Off day (girls "slumber party" - pretty much Mary Kay with sex toys. I thought it was excruciating)

Sunday -
20 DB swings (35#)
6 TGU each side (20# DB)
6 one arm snatch each side (20# DB)
1-2 minute rest in between rounds

Eating overall was pretty good, except for the drinking at two parties of course.