Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fithy fifty - carries

Well, I guess I forgot to post yesterday.

I decided to try out some new stuff. It turned into quite the modge-podge.
Waiter carries with 35#
Suitcase DL to farmer carry 35# DBs
Air squats
3x8 assisted dips
Planks, core stuff

Tuesday (today)
Fithy fifty
Box jumps
Jumping pull-ups (subbed lat pulldown for half)
KB swings (33#)
Walking lunges
Knees to chest
Push press - 45# BB
Back extensions
Thrusters (10# DBs)
Burpees ( 30 reps)
Jump rope (200 singles)

My knees have been really tender this afternoon. Everything was feeling pretty good this morning, so I think my legs are just fatigued. If I feel worse tomorrow, I guess it's time for another rest day.

I've started doing some stuff for my glutes - I read some great stuff at "peak performance" (can't remember the URL).
Straight leg-lifts
Hip hitchers
One leg squats (concentrate on squeezing glute)
Bent leg hamstring raises (again, squeeze glutes)

I've actually got bruises on my thighs from some of the foam roller stuff I've been doing lately. Maybe I should back off a little. :)

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