Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday metcon and Josh the Engineer

Tuesday workout:
500m row
50 thrusters (10# DBs)

My back was really stiff and sore last night after that workout. I think the combination of the heavy squats yesterday and the major lower back hit from the thruster/row combo caught up with me. Today is going to be light cardio/rest day.

Yesterday was day 3 of my summer stats class. Halfway there! Speaking of....yesterday Josh called me just busting with something to say. He told me he's ready to quit his job and go back to school to finish his engineering degree. WHAT?? Hey, I'm not complaining - I think it's so good for him to go back to school. It's very cool to see him so motivated. He was studying Statics last night for god's sake!! Anyhow, I think we may be in for a little bit of a life change if he starts up school with me this fall. Expenses may be a litle tight, but at least we won't have a life! And...if Josh can get a part-time job at or REI, etc, we may get some really good deals on stuff. Exciting!

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