Wednesday, April 18, 2007

White Rim - HP predictions

I'm a nerd. I'm participating in a Harry Potter quiz competition on Leaky based on predictions about book 7. Here's the link for reference.

White Rim was fantastic! The weather cooperated up to the very last second - it hailed on us going down Mineral Bottom Road. Perfect timing.
We had such a good group: James and Traci, Jamie and Kate, my parents. Drank loads of beer and ate good food. Total mileage for the trip is 105 miles over three days. Two trucks ran support - the Tacoma and the FJ Cruiser. Kick ass.

I'm kind of off the crazy losing weight bandwagon. I was working my tail off and didn't lose a pound in a month. So, I'm not giving up - I'm still tracking my eating on FitDay and still working out as hard as ever - I'm just not going to be a freak about it. It's got to be a lifestyle thing right? Sustainability is key.

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SkiRough said...

I saw that the Harry Potter author was the first author in history to make a BILLION dollars off of their writing. Pretty amazing. If I find the news article again I'll throw you the link.