Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saturday morning - Glenwild


I got a call from Re on Friday afternoon about a girl's ride on Saturday morning up at Glenwild. I was psyched to get on my bike again, and I was really looking forward to riding with Re and Connie since we didn't ride together much this year. I met up with Re, Lianna, and Connie at the Glenwild trailhead and we fired off two laps in Bob's Basin (Ant Farm and Dropout) before calling it a day. Lianna (and her awesome dog Chili) are animals! It was fun chasing them and Connie all morning.


I can't believe the difference a year has made with my bike riding skills. I hit everything on both courses with so much more confidence. I still have lots of work to do (corners, jumps) but I'm feeling pretty good!

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