Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 1 - 10/19/07 Wolverine Bowl

I can't believe what I did for my first day out! I hooked up with Derek, Seth, Mark, and Tyler at 6:30AM this morning and we decided to try a tour rather than hang out with the crowds at Alta. Our route was Grizzly Gulch to TLP, up to Patsy Marley, and on to Wolverine. The morning was beautiful.

Derek of course went way down to the bottom of Wolverine Bowl so we had to skin our asses back up to the ridge. On the way back, the boys decided to hit Granny Chute in Wolverine Cirque. I chickened out for the sake of my skis (rocks were abundant) - Mark and I skied the punchy north face of Patsy Marley. The temperature rose ridiculously fast and we hacked our way down Griz in slush.

Derek's take on the day (and more pics)

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