Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 2 - 10/21/07 Snowbird Cirque


No way it's October.

I kept saying that to myself all morning because I couldn't believe how good the skiing was. Definitely better than 75% of last year. Every lap was perfect Utah powder. It's one of those days that I know I'm going to remember for quite a while. And it's only October.


After meeting Scott K, Chris C, Jake, and Jason at 7:30AM and dealing with a "rumor" Scott heard about the tram running for free (as we found out later, they were filming all of us skiers from the tram that day), we decided to hit the Cirque. 12-14" of new, perfect density snow that had stayed sheltered from the wind all night awaited us.

We joined two other dudes that got there before us and cranked out 2 quick laps in the lower bowl. Scott led the way up to the upper bowl and we did a few more. We called it quits around noon with smiles on our faces and our powder hunger fully satiated.


Link to full album:

Snowbird video (thanks Jason!):

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