Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"Tabata This" and Grand Canyon psych-up!

Yesterday I did a "Tabata This" workout. Since I still can't do certain things with my shoulder, here's the workout I did (I left the notebook at home, so I'll add the reps later):

Ball crunches
Rowing (no reps, just high intensity 20-sec intervals)

Overall, I did better (more total reps on each given exercise) than the last time I did this workout. Yet again, it's always very motivating to see progress.

So we leave tonight for the Grand! So excited. I've been on Google Earth staring at the river all day. The only bummer is that Josh is sick. He's going to the doctor today to hopefully get some antibiotics and STRONG cough syrup. I've felt so bad for him the last couple of nights. His cough is terrible and it's even been keeping me up from the other room! It seems to be the same nasty thing he had last winter, although I think it's even worse. Hopefully he'll be on recovery road by tonight.

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