Monday, May 14, 2007

Post-Grand Canyon depression

Is there such thing as post-vacation depression? If not, there should be. Last week was so hard after coming back from the Grand. What a great vacation - there's not a lot of places you can go and feel so isolated, even if you're with 30 people you don't know.

It's funny how you get back into your normal routine after a week or so and it doesn't seem so bad. A week ago I was ready to quit my job and be a river swamper for the summer, and today I'm happy as hell to be riding my bike and hanging out with my husband, puppy, and friends. Trips like that are clarifying in a way...although they make you yearn for more time to be in these beautiful places, it makes you think about how much you do have in your life. I think Josh put it really well the other night while I was whining about how we could figure out how to live in Moab without being poor:

"You know, our day-to-day life is pretty damn good. We can mountain bike out our front door, ski in world-class mountains before work in the morning, and hold good jobs. Moab, Zion, and Fruita are half a day's drive away. We have a dog, a great little house, and a great group of friends. Realistically, I think our day-to-day is better than half the world's vacation."

I realized instantly that he's right. We do have it good. The grass always seems greener on the other side of the street, but if it's already growing in your own yard, throw some fertilizer on it, kill some weeds, and enjoy the hell out of what you have. It might end up being far greener than that crap across the street!

Now, down to business. Here' s what I've been up to since we got back:

Oak Hollow to BST (to the gravel pit and back), out and back on Maple Hollow, link back to Spring Hollow descent

500m row at 2:15 pace
10 get-ups (5 each side) with 20# DB
37:00 (I didn't write down my actual time)

Sweeny's to John's with Josh, Connie, Matt, and Lis

30 KB swings (30# DB)
500m row - 2:15 pace
10 get-ups (25# DB 1st rounf, 20# DB 2nd and 3rd)
500m row - 2:15 pace
20 thrusters (10# DBs 1st round, 12# DBs 2nd and 3rd)
500m row - 2:15 pace


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