Thursday, May 31, 2007

Starting over - Met con day (FGB)

So, I'm going to try again to change some of my bad habits. I realized that I DO want to fit into my old clothes and be lean again. I'm back on a diet. Mostly, I'm trying to keep carbs to a minimum of 40-50% of my daily intake, and keep my calories below 1800. I'll try this for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

My workout schedule will be as follows:
Monday: Off (usually after a hard weekend) - easy bike ride, long walk with Maddie, etc
Tuesday: Kettlebell/power lifting (swings, snatches, cleans, etc) - metcon stylee
Wednesday: One exercise each Upper and lower body high weight day (low rep sets, 1RM, etc - press, jerk, bench press, pullup, pushup, back squat, front squat, OHS)
Thursday: Met-con circuit (lunch) and bike ride
Friday: Kettlebell/powerlifting day - heavy weight, low rep
Saturday: Bike ride, hike, or some other endurance type activity
Sunday: same as Sat or add another lifting workout

Yet again, this might change after a while but I'm going to try sticking to it for at least a month.

So, today's workout:
Thrusters (10# DBs): 29, 29, 26
SDLHP (45# BB): 23, 19, 19
Box jump (bench): 16, 17, 15
Push press (45# BB): 12, 11, 11
Rowing (cals): 10, 10, 10

Total = 257 (last time I did this on 12/19/06, my score was 252. Yay!)

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