Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Geek-out: BSG Season 4

I often find myself getting distracted at work. I mean, come on....can a person really sit at a desk for 9 hours and not get distracted? Anyways, I've noticed recently that my thoughts have been straying errantly to Battlestar Galactica of all things. Not that I have other important things to think about. It might be that we've been re-watching the series over the last few months and it's in my subconscious all the time. Plus, I've been watching the old BSG series at night and as cheesy as it is, it lends some interesting insight to where ol' Ron may be going with all of this. Regardless, I've been starting the geek out about season 4, and I've found some pretty juicy stuff.

One of the most juicy-licious tidbits I found today was this: the BSG Last Supper

Man. That pushed the gears into motion. It's all a bunch of heresay, as Ron Moore is notorious for leading his fans WAY off-track. Still, it's fun to speculate, and questions instantly come to mind:

Tigh. I think he's going to go into uber-Cylon-hunting mode, as a knee-jerk reaction to his realization that he's one of them. He's always hated them, and now he has every excuse to go completely insane. The comment about Helo and Sharon makes me think that maybe Hera will be one of his targets...

Apollo. No frakkin flight status?? "Judas-like"? Say it ain't so! I've always had this glassed-over opinion of Lee as the quintessential good guy, whose intentions will always be faithful and honorable even if his decisions are flawed. Not sure where this is going, but PLEASE don't turn him into a slimeball!!!

Baltar and Six. Who knows? And honestly I'm starting to not care much. His role in all of this is very intriguing, but his character is really wearing on me. I keep having to go back to the idea that Six is insanely driven by making him love her, and that's somehow going to come into play before the end. She is in the center of the picture - I'm sure she will play a pivotal role.

Starbuck and Anders. Veeerrry interesting. I assume they'll get back together, but I still wonder how she will interact with Lee. I read on another blog that along with the DVD release of season 3, they are including an extended version of "Unfinished Business". I have to assume that if there is an emphasis on that episode, Lee and Kara's relationship cannot be pushed aside. And yes, I admit I'm a total fangirl for the Kara/Lee relationship. It's just GOT to happen.

Tyrol. Poor, poor, tortured Tyrol. I think the Cylon revelation hit him the hardest, with his internal struggle with religion and the whole debaucle with Sharon. I can't even begin to hypothesize on what he will do this season. I'll leave it at that.

Ahhh....Pres Roslin and Adama. Definitely my second favorite relationship. Love these two together!! They have their disagreements, but they always seem to understand each other. I think whatever happens through this season, they'll have each other's backs, even if it's not obvious to everyone else.

And finally - the final Cylon. It is hinted that the final Cylon is not in the picture. Who else could it be? I think for the time being, my money is on Tom Zarek. Not only would that be a totally cool homage to him and the old BSG series, but he's the only mysterious, powerful character left who's not in the picture. I guess it's distantly possible that the creepy lawyer guy is the last One, but I doubt it.

Ah, speculation. I have to admit this is the fun part about all of these insane TV dramas. Once you know what happens, it's just not the same.

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