Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 16 - The Deer Valley Experience

Friday was my first Deer Valley ski day of the year. After weeks of incredible storms and bottomless powder in the cottonwoods, I decided to see how the better half lives.


Deer Valley is definitely it's own microcosm of skiing. I'm sure the culture is shared with placed like Vail and Aspen, but I've never been to those places, so I get to rip on Deer Valley. It has its own fashion trends, its own gear trends, and even its own skiing style. It seems like every year, there's some new fashion trend that just blows my mind. Last year it was fur-lined coats, white sunglasses, and gigantic fur boots. This year, it seems, is the year of the helmet cover! And I don't mean the cute panda or pig ones that the kids wear. I'm talking 100% real fur bling-a-licious helmet covers on adult women. I have no idea where these people find this stuff. Good lord, I wish I had my camera. Where is Rachel when you need her?

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alice in wonderland said...

I went to the Deer today and saw those horrible helmet covers! GROSS!!